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June 12, 2020

The fear I came to conquer

by Cynthia

Happy to share this excerpt from my essay Wilderness, soon to be published in Deep Wild journal.

Deep Wild Journal

Ezell pic

Cynthia Ezell confronts the unknown in her first solo trip after a divorce, in her essay “Wilderness,” forthcoming in Deep Wild 2020:

By the time I returned to camp and made some dinner, the light was bleeding off the sky, and the woods loomed deep and full of shadows. Darkness came on fast as I straightened up my gear and drank a mug of hot chocolate. The night creatures had not yet begun their reveries: no tree frogs singing, no cicadas buzzing, just silence. A feeling of panic gripped my chest. I was truly alone in the woods. This was the fear I had come here to conquer.

Nothing out here can hurt you, I told myself. Breathing deeply and reminding myself that killers don’t bother to hike five miles into the wilderness to find victims was marginally effective. Just as my heart was returning to its normal rhythm, a…

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